I’m Jennifer, mum of two children (and one daft wee dog) , wife, wannabe bon viveur, procrastinator,  mess-maker, housekeeping disaster, daydreamer, faffer.  In January 2014, aged 39, I was diagnosed with  Stage 3 bowel cancer (surely the least sexy of all the cancers?).  After surgery and 14 rounds of chemo, a surprising amount of laughs and comedy mishaps, this year the cancer has spread and I am currently on a palliative care regime but always, always hanging on to hope.

I have swithered for a long time about launching yet another “cancer blog” –  it feels a little self-indulgent – but I have often found some comfort from blogs by parents in a similar situation and maybe I can help somebody else too.  I’ve always fancied trying my hand at a bit of writing, so this will get some practice in.   I’m already discovering it’s much harder than I thought.  Bear with me – I hope I will improve!

Be warned, I’m a champion waffler and also a bit sweary (sorry Mum!)

These are my random thoughts and musings. There may be tears, hopefully there will  be laughter, certainly there will be more words than strictly necessary.  Welcome to my world. Enjoy!



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