The Good, the Bad and the Ugg-ly

Not entirely uncharacteristically, I am a bit late to the party when it comes to Aussie sheepskin footwear.  In fact, “late” is a bit of an understatement.  The party is well and truly over, the hangover is fading and even the paranoia has dissipated (“aaaaaaaargh, what did I SAY? Can I ever face these people again?” The Fear! The Fear!) .  In short, Uggs are very definitely out of fashion.  I never had a pair because, frankly, I thought they were pretty hideous and definitely Not My Thing.  Fast forward to winter 2015 and the beginning of a new treatment regime, Regorafenib, a very common side effect of which is Palmar-Plantar syndrome, which causes hot, sore and often ulcerated feet which can become so painful that it’s hard, if not impossible, to walk.  Well, I do not like the sound of this one little bit, and have been moisturising like fury with Udderly cream, a potion with a disturbingly high urea content, originally used for soothing cow’s udders.  (A while back I coined my own slogan: “Udderly Cream – making chemo feet as soft as a cow’s teat”.  Amazingly, I was headhunted by not one single advertising agency, showing a spectacular lack of foresight on their part, I say.)  My hands and feet are checked on a regular basis as part of my assessments by the oncology team and after a foray into town in my lovely, but slightly stiff, new Camper boots, bought direct from the factory in Inca, Mallorca, it appeared that, despite the cow pee cream, my tootsies were starting to peel and were red and hot.  “Wear really comfy warm shoes”, I was told.  So, against my better fashion judgement I found myself ordering some Uggs.  WELL, those babies are AMAZING – like having your feet lovingly hugged by obliging little lambs!  I’m wistfully regretting all the winters that I foolishly let go by without having my plates encased in their woolly goodness, all because I didn’t want to look like an off-duty Katie Price.

In short, if you don’t have some, buy them now. Your feet will thank you.  And so will I as I will no longer be the only tool stomping around town like some saddo paying homage to the fashions of 2006.  Do it for you… and do it for me!


One thought on “The Good, the Bad and the Ugg-ly”

  1. Great blog…entertaining and uplifting…pursue your writing, Jenn—Kudos to you and your lovely family…grace- a -plenty under fire! Cheers for 2016 and beyond…
    Aine —Albany New York


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